CP World Report: Greece Bailout, Bill Gates, Carney Misquotes Bible, Justin Bieber

 CP World Report: Greece Bailout, Bill Gates, Carney misquotes Bible, Bieber

Lots of news circulating about the global economy and we have a few stories about it……
Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou sealed a deal with the opposition to form a coalition that could save the country’s euro bailout plan. The EU came down tough on Greece giving the country 24 hours to break a stalemate on how it will form a unity government to safeguard its massive euro emergency bailout package of 130-billion dollars. No details on the coalition agreement with a new prime minister still to be decided.

Meantime…..billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has urged world leaders to make good on their aid promises. The Microsoft founder is concerned that poorer countries are being neglected while the world's leading economies struggle with debt. Gates addressed the G-20 Summit in France. French President Nicolas Sarkozy pushed the G-20 to support a so-called "Robin Hood Tax" on financial transactions. He invited Gates to speak at the event, where Gates said such a Tax could be a way for wealthier countries to protect their aid budgets. ….

Philanthropy has consumed much of Gates' time since he left the day-to-day operations at Microsoft. He's given away billions through the foundation he runs with his wife.

Meanwhile, Pope Benedict told his weekly audience about his own desire to see success come as a result of the G-20 summit on the global economic crisis. The Vatican has called for radical reform of the world's financial systems, including the creation of a new global political authority to manage the economy.

The popular phrase: “The Lord helps those who help themselves”---how many of you think that quote is in the bible.? Well some people do, but it isn’t. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney thought it was. President Obama had just finished talking about the bill that reaffirmed the nations motto: “In God We Trust”. Obama went on to state that while he trusts in God, he believes that God wants to see the nation help itself by putting people back to work. Referencing those remarks, Carney said quote: "I believe that the phrase from the Bible is 'the Lord helps those who help themselves.'"

A ninth-grader in Colorado has an allergy so dangerous she can't even risk being inside her high school. But she's still going to school and seeing her friends -- with the help of a robot. (CNN report)

Egypt's Grand Mufti, Sheikh Ali Goma has openly declared Christians as infidels. He did it in a video, not long after 27 Christians were killed by a military vehicle in Cairo that plowed into the crowd. They were peacefully protesting the burning down of a Christian Community Center. The grand Mufti is a long-time so-called Moderate professor , and has often been promoted as a champion of Moderate Islam.


Justin Bieber publicly spoke out about the paternity suit filed by a 20 year old fan. He said while people will continue to talk about him, he will not be a victim. He said that the allegations could not be true because after every concert, he goes straight to his car.

Meanwhile, Bieber is the biggest sensation on YouTube.

He now owns a new record on the site. According to “E! News” Bieber is now the first person to get two billion views on one YouTube channel. And his "Baby" video is still the most-watched , with over 631-million views as of October.