CP World Report: Greece Bailout, Israel Threatens Iran, Herman Cain, Tim Tebow

 CP World Report: Greece Bailout, Israel Threatens Iran, Herman Cain, Tim Tebow

Greek Prime Minister George ‘Papandro’ announced his country has scrapped plans to hold a referendum on an international bailout .He said that there was no need, given opposition support for the tough austerity measures that accompany it.  Papandro is now prepared to enter a national unity government with the opposition.

Division among Israeli Politicians and the military on whether to strike Iran’s nuclear targets: Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli defense minister Ehud Barack are trying to convince cabinet to strike, while some key military leaders are opposed. Barack announced in parliament that Israel may be forced to act alone for its own security. Israel also announced: it successfully test-fired the rocket propulsion system for a ballistic missile, capable of carrying nuclear warheads to targets in Iran. Next week, the International Atomic Energy Agency is due to release an update on Iran’s nuclear program.

Scandal heating up in the Republican primary race. As recent front-runner Herman Cain was hit with accusations about sexual harassment by former employees , now comes the accusation that it was Texas Governor Rick Perry’s camp that was responsible for the leak. Cain believes a former aide that now works for Perry could be the one behind it. But that aide says it wasn't him. 

We've seen billboard ads for all kinds of products and services. Imagine one for a kidney? A group of friends and co-workers decided to help get a suitable donor for a woman in Winsconsin….. Take a look at this inspirational story of caring……

A woman in Montreal has been fined for religious worship. Two years ago, Paula Celani and about 80 lay catholic friends gathered at a public hall they rented from the city. They watched a video, prayed and had a potluck. Then she was hit with a 144-dollar ticket from the city for being involved in religious worship. Her lawyer is fighting the fine on constitutional grounds. John Zucchi, a McGill University professor worries about trends in that province. He asked the question: If a minister, rabbi or priest comes in to say grace, are they going to be stopped or fined? The opposition Parti Québécois has even proposed legislation that would prohibit members of the civil service from wearing obvious religious symbols.

Pastor Hess Hester of Southern Hills Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma says he is shocked at the lack of pastoral response to the apparent tragic suicide of church Pastor Kim Hall from Texas. Dr. Hall served at Hunters Glen Baptist Church for 20 years. Hester, who leads a Christ-centered recovery group exclusively for pastors and their spouses, said …there is a need to address the problem that some pastors have….. in sharing personal issues. Hester says that many pastors go through silent pain. Celebrate Recovery was founded in 1991 by Pastor John Baker of Saddleback Church in Calif., with the approval of lead pastor Rick Warren. The program has been adopted by churches, prisons and ministries worldwide.


Shoes can be tough on your feet if you are a runner. A podiatry lab has come out with a unique shoe called: a bare-foot shoe….Take a look….

Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow is the biggest story in American sports. The son of missionaries, Tebow’s religiosity has been under fire. He often proclaims his faith and thanks God at every opportunity, including during a football game. Recently in a game between the Detroit Lions and the Denver Broncos, Tebow dropped on one knee to pray. The mocking started: two members of the opposing team were imitating, accompanied by cruel comments about Tebow’s performance. Now the phrase: Te-bowing has been created and has taken off on the internet.