CP World Report: Landmark Trials in Canada, Republicans Romney and Gingrich, Film "Suing the Devil"

World Report

Two landmark trials in Canada: 

A Dramatic one in Ontario Supreme Court came to a close yesterday when the Kingston jury brought in a verdict of guilty in an honor killing case in Ontario Superior court. Mohammad Shafia , his wife and their 21-year-old son have been convicted of first-degree murder in the drowning deaths of Shafia's 3 daughters and his other unacknowledged wife. The judge called it "heinous," and stemming from "a completely twisted concept of honour."

The other case: a tax trial between the government of Canada and the infamous B.C. polygamist leader Winston Blackmore of the Fundamentalist Mormon Sect in Bountiful. Blackmore's tax returns over five years are in dispute.

Church leaders in America are being called on to confront the ongoing destruction of Christianity in the Middle East…the region of its birth. The call was at a Persecuted Church conference in Massachussetts, sponsored by the "Committee for Accuracy in the Middle East Reporting in America". Lebanese born American scholar Walid Phares—who advises U.S. Congress on terrorism issues was the keynote.

Dr. Patrick Sookdheo, international director of U.K.-based "Barnabas Fund" has accused Western governments of enabling the spread of Islamism in their support for the so-called Arab Spring, especially in Egypt and Libya. At a lecture hosted by the Family Research Council he said those movements are lead by Islamists and even Al Qaeda, all of whom want our destruction.

Officials strip-searched 29 Christian women and assaulted six Christian men after arresting them for holding a prayer meeting at a private home.

The Republicans are gearing up for tomorrow's primary in the swing state of Florida. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich expected to be tight frontrunners. Gingrich has advised: President's face such enormous decisions, they should go to God. He also had this to say about religious freedoms….

Christian film "Suing the Devil" has met some challenges since its release: an online atheist "mob attack" and heavy pirating. However, the film's writer/director Tim Chey says it's worth it, and it is all in a day's work for the evangelist. The L.A. Times announced that "Suing the Devil" had been illegally downloaded 100,000 times on more than 50 illegal sites.