CP World Report: Mark Driscoll, Afghanistan Quran Burning, Michigan Primary, Daytona 500

Welcome to this edition of World report, I'm Tom Anthony sitting in for Christine Williams.

The remaining four Republican presidential candidates will have a better idea of just who is ahead after the primaries tonight in Michigan and Arizona. All candidates except Ron Paul have a victory.


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Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have basically said the same thing re the apology president Obama offered to the Muslims who were offended by the Quran burning last week. Here's how Santorum put it...

Gingrich said instead of America issuing an apology, it was Afghan President Hamid Karzi that owes the U.S. an apology for the soldier's deaths Four American troops have been killed since news broke of those burned Two of them were gunned down Thursday by a man wearing an Afghan National Army uniform. The other two were shot and killed Saturday inside the Afghan Interior Ministry.

The Roman Catholic Church has made a formal request for Israeli President Shimon Peres to get involved and help put a stop to the vandalism of Christian places of worship that has been taking place in Israel over the past several weeks. Nearly a week ago, a Baptist church in the center of Jerusalem was vandalized. Israel Today reports that graffiti reading "Death to Christianity," "Jesus was a son of a whore," and "We will crucify you," was spray painted on the outside of the church.

The Middle East crisis is gripping the world's attention now more than ever with the growing Iranian nuclear threat and possibility of attacks on Israel. An upcoming California conference, "Israel, The Church and the Middle East will seek how to reach the lost and lead them to Christ before the end of the world. Dr. Mitch Glaser, president of Chosen People Ministries says that based upon the Old Testament and the teaching of the New Testament, Israel will become the focus of the world as we start approaching the second coming of Jesus.

Here's more on the continuing saga in New York. Churches in that city WILL be allowed to return to public schools starting this weekend after winning a temporary court order. Despite this Manhattan-based pastor Bill Devlin will continue his water-only fast to protest an earlier ruling that prohibited schools from renting to churches. He says he is going to continue his fast until there is more clarity on the matter. In the meantime, the city plans to appeal the ruling.

Well known pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church didn't want to do it but on Sunday he stood in front of thousands and delivered an emotional sermon on sexual assault, of which his wife is a victim. He called sexual assault an epidemic, and to ignore it is to create a church culture where people can't be honest about what's been happening to them. It wasn't until thirteen to fourteen years into their marriage that Driscoll learned about the abuse in detail.


Parents have been hearing a lot about the Human Papillomavirus (pap-pill-low-mah-virus) or H-P-V vaccine. What was once designed for young girls to protect them from a virus known to be the root cause of cervical cancer, is now being made available for young men. Is the vaccine safe. Should your child be getting it? Here's Barbara Hall with a report.


In a bizarre epic Daytona 500 that had both fire and rain, Matt Kenseth's calming influence prevailed in the early morning hours at Daytona International Speedway. Kenseth survived a 30-hour rain delay and a two-hour fire damage delay to win his second career Daytona 500. The bizarre episode occurred when Juan Pablo Montoya slammed into a jet blower cleaning debris off the track. That caused a delay of two hours.

And that's this edition of World report, I'm Tom Anthony.