CP World Report: Muhammad Cartoons, School Takes Student's Rosary Beads, Noah's Ark

The French publisher of Charlie Hebdo said they are in the business of provocation, and that the few protesters are taken way too seriously by Western authorities…

But Mohammed Mous-saoui, the President of French Council of Muslim Faith, calls such art and the likes "Islamophobic."

Pakistani officials say they have opened an investigation into Pakistani businessman --Haji Nasrullah Khan. He is being accused of blasphemy because he refused to join protests over an anti-Islam video in Pakistan, and allegedly tried to convince others not to take part in protests as well. Hundreds of protesters rallied against the film that mocks Muhammad and they demanded that Khan shut down his shops in solidarity. When Khan refused, one of his tenants said his decision was viewed as support for the film.

A Colorado high school is under fire over its decision to strip a student of his rosary beads, not once, but twice. The student says school leaders never gave him a reason why. Tammy Vigil has the story.

So far, the student has been unable to get his beads back from the school.

Danish journalist and author-Henry Nissen-- is releasing a new book on Noah's Ark,claiming that a discovery made by a Chinese-Kurdish research team two years ago is most likely the actual arc, described in the Book of Genesis. It is believed to have settled in the Ara-rat mountains in Turkey. The journalist and author said that the media media today has such a negative outlook toward religion, that people who provide evidence that goes against the accepted theory of evolution are often ridiculed or ignored. Nissen has been investigating his claim about the arc since 1999, and made expeditions to Eastern Turnkey. But then the Chinese team came up with their great find….which he says….made it much more convincing. The 320 page book Noah's Ark: Ancient Accounts and New Discoveries will be available Oct. 31.

The Toronto Blue Jays have suspended shortstop Yunel Escobar for three games without pay for a slur against gays. His money will go for gay advocacy causes. Escobar had written offensive words on his eyeblack during last Saturday's game. Take a listen.