CP World Report: New Bishop of Canterbury, Bashar al-Assad, Pope and Obama Re-Election

The Bishop of Durham, the Right Reverend Justin Welby is set to become the new Archbishop of Canterbury. He will succeed Dr. Rowan Williams who steps down at the end of this year. The 56-year-old former businessman in the oil industry is well known to support the traditional definition of marriage and is opposed to homosexuals serving as bishops. Theologically he is described as evangelical. The selection process for the position has been drawn out, believed to be mired in internal politics. Even now, with the unofficial news of Welby's selection, neither the Church of England nor Lambeth Palace have yet stepped forward to confirm the appointment.

Pope Benedict has congratulated President Barack Obama on his re-election , but also reminded him of the big differences that have surfaced between the Roman Catholic Church and the current White House administration. The Pope noted healthcare decisions cannot be swept under the carpet, like forcing religious employers to provide insurance coverage for abortions and contraceptives. The University of Notre Dame, the Catholic University of America and the Archdiocese of New York are among the 20-plus institutions that have filed lawsuits against the healthcare Mandate. Some churches and organizations are even saying that they might be forced to end their charity and community outreach programs if there is no way for them to escape the mandate.

An Iranian aircraft fired has fired on an unarmed U.S. drone conducting routine surveillance over the Persian Gulf. The aircraft missed and the drone returned to base unharmed. The Pentagon issued a statement saying the attack was unprecedented and that the drone was not in Iranian airspace but…over international airspace over the Gulf.

Right after British Prime Minister David Cameron said he'll do anything to see Syrian President Bashar al-Assad out of that country to stop the bloodshed, including offering him safe passage, Bashar has responded. His words: he will "live and die" in Syria. Other countries have also offered Assad safe passage including Tunisia, but Assad made an ominous threat against foreign intervention in his interview with Russia Today T-V.

A changing of the guard got underway in China. It's a world away from the noisy, flashy style of American elections, and it could usher in a very different era for the world's second-biggest economic heavyweight.


Once the bell rings, many schoolchildren are ready to call it a day; go out and eat junk food snacks, sit in front of the computer……video games. But one school program, featured in this report, shows kids sticking around after class, for the sake of fitness.