CP World Report: Nigeria Church, Scotland Gay Marriage, Colorado Shooter, Aly Raisman, Usain Bolt

Nigerian churches continue to be targeted after gunmen in central Nigeria killed 19 people, including a pastor, during a church service. They used assault rifles. Nigerian churches are being attacked almost weekly since last year, as Islamic extremists from the terrorist group Boko Haram have stated that they plan on wiping out Christianity from the country.

As Scotland prepares to become the first country in the UK to legalize same-sex marriage by 2015, a Catholic bishop has suggested that changing the traditional definition of marriage could open up the gates to bigamy and incest. Bishop Hugh Gilbert of Aberdeen warns that there is nothing to stop this can of worms. He said that while he loves gays among the community in Church, he won't marry them, as it just can't be done .

The son and widow of the temple president shot and killed in Sunday's shooting spree at a Sikh temple, says he lived the American Dream. 65-year-old Satwant Singh Kaleka and his family moved to the United States in the 80s.

The FBI has told the family that Kaleka died trying to save others.

New info has emerged about the background of the Colorado movie theater shooting suspect James Holmes. His school psychiatrist reportedly raised red flags about him six weeks before the shooting.

Doctor Lynne Fenton, was so concerned that the 24-year-old doctoral student might be a threat to others, she called the school's threat assessment team. Fenton also contacted campus police, trying to find out if Holmes had a criminal history. The suspect dropped out of school June 10th, before the school's threat assessment team could meet to discuss taking action. Holmes is charged with killing 12 people and injuring 58 others at a July 20th screening of the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises."


Olympic officials in London gathered this past Monday to remember the terrorist attack during the 1972 summer games in Munich. The commemoration was hosted by Israel's Olympic committee.

Widows of two of the 11-israeli athletes killed in Munich spoke out . They were upset with the International Olympic Committee for failing to offer a moment of silence during opening ceremonies.

U.S. gymnast Aly Raisman won a gold medal yesterday to add to her bronze. While Gabby Douglas won the most prestigious gymnastics title of all-around champion with her two golds, Raisman now leaves as the most decorated of the Fierce Five with three medals.

In basketball, the U.S. women beat Canada 91-48 to reach the semi finals.

And…. metres Usain Bolt --easily won his 200-metre qualifying heat yesterday. And…two Canadians also qualified for the semi-finals: Jared Connaughton of Prince Edward Island and Toronto's Aaron Brown.

Derek Drouin of ontario won the bronze in the men's high jump

IN KAYAKING: Canadians Adam Van Koeverden won a silver and Mark Oldershaw won a Bronze