CP World Report: North Korea Rocket, Church of England Marriage Ceremony, Live Nativity

Despite international warnings, North Korea launched a long-range rocket yesterday. Getting insight into North Korea's motivation is tough. But when the country's last rocket attempt ended in failure, foreign media were actually there onsite to cover it on the government's invitation.

The British government has announced that the Church of England will be banned outright from performing same sex marriages. The announcement was made in Parliament to calm fears from Church leaders that they will eventually be forced to perform gay marriages as the British government presses on to legalize the unions by 2015. However, the ban is limited. Other religious institutions will be allowed to perform same sex marriages if they wish to do so. The Church of England is Britain's major denomination, which has insisted that the traditional definition of marriage should be preserved.

The U.S. Navy has ordered service members on a military base in Bahrain to discontinue a long-standing tradition of a "Live Nativity." The order came after a military atheist group complained about it…on the grounds that it violated the constitution and posed danger to the troops in a Muslim country. But the Nativity was a long standing tradition at the Bahrain base. For years, there was a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony that included the Nativity scene; the arrival of Santa Claus, the singing of Christmas carols, and refreshments. Children who were looking forward to participating in the ceremony are reportedly disappointed about the Scrooge announcement, along with the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty and others in the armed services community. Construction had already begun on the Nativity, but, it's now being dismantled.

A Christian man from the Netherlands has completed his building of Noah's ark. It took Johan Huibers 20 years to finish it . But, he did it, in the same astonishing measurements as instructed in the book of Genesis: 427 feet long; 95 feet across and 75 feet high. It's become a tourist attraction. Visitors flock in to see an array of stuffed and plastic animals. But there are real animals on deck too; in a petting zoo that also includes exotic birds. The ark also contains a restaurant and movie theatre. Johan's next dream? to get Israelis and Arabs to co-operate and build a water pipeline from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea.

A Kansas man covered his truck in Christmas lights, hoping to spread a little holiday cheer...
But instead, he got ticketed. Justin Kraemer has the story.

As the temperature drops, many people turn to simple, familiar foods that remind them of childhood. Sounds good, right? The problem is that many of these so-called comfort foods are high in calories or fat.