CP World Report: Oakland Shooting Suspect, Sex Trade, Gay Marriage, Easter

Police in Oakland, Calif., have identified the suspect arrested for yesterday's shooting rampage at Oikos University. Forty three year old One Goh had been a nursing student at the small Christian university but was not enrolled at the time of the shooting. Now the task gets underway to try and figure out why?

As the US, Canada and Europe cut Foreign Aid, non-Western economies are increasing their contributions to aid abroad. A recent report by Global Health Strategies Initiatives suggests the BRICS countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are giving more despite their own domestic health and development challenges. Last week Canada's federal budget significantly cut aid abroad. Canada will trim Foreign aid by 377 million dollars over the next three years.

Walking the highway in Jacksonville, Florida to talk to prostitutes might seem like an unusual job description, but for Kristin Keen it's not just a job, but a personal campaign against the 30 billion dollar a year global sex trade. Through her organization Rethreaded, she says she's fighting business with business by offering these women the chance to be trained on a different kind of job: making fashionable goods such as scarves, purses and blankets out of old t-shirts to be re-sold for a profit. Keen told students at North Carolina's Davidson College last week that most of the women involved in sex trafficking and prostitution are trapped in a destructive cycle of being arrested, jailed, freed and then re-arrested. It's a cycle Re-threaded is working to break. Keen told the students that she believes their generation is the one that is going to raise awareness and change human trafficking.

The Christian-based Alliance Defense Fund wants parents and teachers to understand that it's legal for schools in the U.S. to talk about Easter in the historical sense. ADF Senior Legal Counsel David Cortman wrote in a blog posted last week – that simply talking about Jesus does not violate the "so-called separation of church and state." Historically, students and teachers in the U.S. have freely celebrated holidays like Easter. More recently many school officials have removed religious references to Easter due to certain groups who oppose public religious expression.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and UK conservatives want to grant same-sex couples the option of entering into civil marriages. Prime Minister Cameron, a Christian and married father of three, believes same-sex marriage is a matter of basic human rights. In a recent speech on the issue he said, "I support gay marriage because I am a Conservative.'' According to the Catholic Church in England extending marriage to include same-sex partnerships fundamentally redefines the meaning of marriage.

An Ohio singing group is headed for the world choir games this summer. However the choir members will not actually attend. That's because they are in prison for crimes ranging from robbery to murder. But they say music is turning their lives around as Mike Kallmeyer reports.