CP World Report: Obama, Biblical Artifact Museum, Japan Quake, Google

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A motion has finally established a Canadian Parliamentary Committee to study Canada's 400 year old definition of a human being. Canadian Parliament officially declared Motion 312 votable in the House of Commons. It was tabled last month by MP Stephen Woodworth who wanted parliament to examine the archaic law in light of modern medical science. Woodworth is urging Canadians to voice their concerns to their MP's and hopes fellow MP's will support the motion.

U.S. President Obama welcomed British Prime Minister David Cameron to the White House in a lavish ceremony yesterday. He discussed the unity of both countries in Defense

Mega-star actor George Clooney came to testify to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the brutality along the border between Sudan and South Sudan. Clooney is a dedicated human rights advocate. He just returned from Sudan after personally viewing the destruction caused by the Sudan military's bombing at the border

Back in July the southern territory seceded and established South Sudan. But then the Government of Sudan broke the peace agreement. Now there is fear of a possible renewed genocide against the Christian dominated South.

Japan got quite the scare yesterday only three days after the one year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands in that country. A 6.9 magnitude quake shook the northeast; and the Japanese Meteorological Agency issued a brief tsunami advisory . Thankfully it was called off not long afterward.

An Archeologist is assembling the world's largest Biblical Artifacts Museum. Dubbed "the Indiana Jones of biblical archaeology", Dr. Scott Carroll has put together what's called "the Green Collection that includes 50 thousand ancient biblical texts and artifacts . Among them: 4 thousand Torahs, Dead Sea Scrolls and early bibles belonging to Martin Luther. Right now, the traveling tour is being exhibited at the Vatican.

The Energy Drink Red Bull says it will drop an Ad released in South Africa because of an outcry by Christians. It attributes Christ walking on water because he drank Red Bull. Christians in the country were asked by South Africa's Roman Catholic bishops to boycott the drink during the season of Lent. The commercial has also been released in Brazil but it could end up being banned there by the National Advertising Council.

Google and Facebook are set to go on trial in India on charges the companies did not censor objectionable content from their sites. The case is garnering attention as an example of the legal risks Internet companies face in going after India as a market. India hasn't censored websites like China, Iran and Syria have, but the tech world is watching this case, since executives from the companies could face jail time if convicted. The complaint filed says content on the sites were obscene and offensively depicted Hindu, Christian and Muslim figures. Facebook and Google are arguing that the country's information technology law protects them from being held liable for user posted content.


New technology may be able to increase the life of a knee replacement. That's good news for millions over the age of 50. Ben McKee looks the procedure, where Clarence Dietrich was delighted by the results

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