CP World Report: Obama, Syria, Three Parent Babies, Angela Merkel

It's four more years. Barack Hussein Obama has been re-elected as President and it was close.

Christians across the US spent the day in prayer as their nation went to the polls to elect their President. Prayer vigils and worship gatherings were held at La-fAY-ette' Park across from the White House throughout the day right up until midnight. In fact, right before results came in, Reverend Franklin Graham expressed concerns about the path America is going down….

Well voters in Massachusetts decided on something in addition to who they wanted in the White House: on whether to allow physician-assisted suicide. The so-called "death with dignity" initiative Despite strong early support , the final vote tally was deemed too close to call. Under it, a terminally-ill patient would have been able to obtain lethal doses of medication if a doctor determined they had six months or fewer to live. Only Washington State and Oregon all it right now.

AND IN OTHER WORLD NEWS…..Syria's opposition groups began more negotiations as part of an effort to unify the rebellion.

The move comes after reports that U-S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the exiled Syrian National Council is not the only group that should be considered in a new Syrian government.
State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland tried to clarify Clinton's comments at a briefing:

The Catholic "Anscombe Bioethics Centre" in the UK is calling upon Christians and non-Christians alike to oppose proposals to legalize the creation of three parent babies. The Government is currently consulting the public on whether to give the go ahead to genetically modified fetuses. The procedure would use the DNA of a third party to genetically modify a human egg or embryo. Bio-ethicist Dr Helen Watt, is asking people to respond to the consultation before it closes on December 7th.

Opposition lawmakers and human rights groups have lashed out against German Chancellor Angela Merkel for claiming that Christianity is ''the most persecuted religion worldwide.'' Human Rights Watch noted that Muslims in Myanmar, members of Falun Gong in China and Jews in many countries worldwide also face persecution. Merkel's comments came at a meeting of the German Protestant Church, where she emphasized Germany needed to protect Christian minorities, as part of its foreign policy. Merkel is the daughter of a pastor. She also spoke out against strict separation of church and state and said Europe was built on Christian foundations.