CP World Report: Petraeus Scandal, Pakistan Teen Activist, Vatican and Gay Marriage

It's the scandal that's rocked the CIA and forced out the nation's top spy chief.
Now, lawmakers want to know just how long the relationship between General David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell went on... And whether any classified information was shared during that time.

Now new information has surfaced that Jill Kelley who first sparked the FBI investigation, saying she was receiving threatening letters from Paula Broadwell has sparked a second investigation: into the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen….for alleged inappropriate communication with Kelley. The FBI uncovered between 20 and 30 thousand pages of it between the two.

More than two million people around the world are pledging to carry on Malala Yousefzai's fight for girls' education. The Pakistani teen activist was shot in the head a month ago by the Taliban, after she defied the extremist group's ban on girls going to school. The UN estimates that 32-million girls worldwide get no education. Pakistan has the third-highest number of illiterate women in the world. The United Nations declared this past Saturday as as "Malala Day", in honor of the brave 15-year-old.

Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown has also delivered a petition to the Pakistani government calling on Islamabad to enroll every Pakistani boy and girl in primary school. One million people signed the petition.

Israeli airstrikes hit Palestinian targets in Gaza killing 6 Palestinians, and scoring direct hits on a "terror tunnel" and a weapons storage facility. Palestinian militants have launched over 110 rockets over the weekend right after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel is ready to escalate its military response to attacks from Gaza. Four Israeli's were wounded in those attacks. Israeli President Shimon

Israel's army has fired tank shells into Syria. It was in response to a Syrian mortar shell that struck the Golan Heights, which is controlled by Israel. It was the second time in two days that Israel responded to what it referred to as…. errant Syrian fire.

And….Syrian opposition factions have formally agreed to unite. In Qatar, the rebel groups declared themselves as the "National Coalition Forces of the Syrian Revolution". The agreement stated: a continued crackdown against President Al Assad; no dialogue with the Syrian regime and the acceptance of a new government.

A few days after same-sex marriage supporters scored significant victories in both the U.S. and Europe, the Vatican has opposed suggestions that it has been defeated in its quest to preserve traditional marriage . On Election Day four U.S. states officially approved same sex marriage through voter referendum. It's now legal in 11 states . Last week, France announced its intention to legalize same-sex marriage by early next year, while Spain,with a large number of Catholics, firmly upheld it's gay marriage laws. The Roman Catholic Church still says it's not giving up the fight, and insisted that traditional marriage is a "privilege" of civilized society.

An evangelist jailed in Pakistan for defaming Islam did nothing more than talk about the sacrifice of Christ during a funeral, when Muslims took offense. According to a report featured in ASSIST news service, 55 year old Karma Patras recently started a Pentecostal church in his own village, and was invited to speak at the funeral where Christians attended. He didn't know that there were some Muslims among the mourners, until they became outraged and tried to attack him. Patras has been jailed since October 13th and faces 10 years behind bars under Pakistan's blasphemy laws.

Christians Against Poverty has opened up 21 new debt counselling centres in churches across the UK, bringing the total number of its centers to 218. Participating churches are all specially trained to help people break free of their debts and work through the emotional and physical consequences.