CP World Report: Presidential Debate, Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban, Gospel of Jesus Wife

President Obama and Mitt Romney met at a debate last night that was often heated and contentious. Rene Marsh joins us from Hempstead, New York with a recap.

British doctors say they have hope that the Pakistani girl shot last week by the Taliban will recover from the brutal attack.. but it will take months. 14-year-old Malala You- suf- zeye is being treated at Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, England. She was shot in the head by the Taliban after campaigning for the right for girls to go to school. C-N-N Chief Medical Correspondent Doctor Sanjay Gupta is closely following Malala's progress.

"There is no such thing as the Bible or the Torah, there is only the Quran!" says Abu Islam who has been charged with contempt for the Christian religion. The owner of two Muslim TV networks ripped the pages of a New Testament Bible in mid-September in Cairo during protests at the U.S. Embassy over the film "Innocence of Muslims. This is the first time that charges filed for denigrating Christianity have been investigated in Egypt.

Amanda Todd's suicide last week has sparked memorial pages on Facebook, outrage over Twitter and, in bizarre twist, a group of hackers to track down a man they say is her tormenter. The "hacktivists" are part of the group Anonymous and say they have found a man in his early 30s from New Westminster, B.C., who allegedly blackmailed the 15-year-old girl for pictures over the Internet. The CBC's Eye-shuh Bhatty has a background report.

An American academic in England has proposed that the recently discovered papyrus fragment "Gospel of Jesus' Wife", could have been forged using some modern-day technology. Andrew Bernhard, of Oxford University, discovered a typo in electronic copies of the authentic Gospel of Thomas is present in the spurious Jesus' wife document. Bernhard argues the fragment is a cut-and-paste.