CP World Report: Republican Debate, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Religious Ban in Pre-Schools

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Republican front-runners Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich clashed testily last night over immigration at the debate in the swing state of Florida--the last debate before the primary next Tuesday. Immigration is a hot button issue in that state where Republicans face a challenge winning the Latino vote.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his visit to Switzerland for the World Economic Forum has received public endorsement to wrap up a free trade deal with the European Union by the end of the year. It came from British Prime Minister David Cameron. Harper said Canada is continually looking at ways to improve performance and create jobs for Canadians. Both Harper and Cameron were also in unison in warning the Eurozone that its economies are dragging down the global economy.

Talk about overcoming adversity. 
A Colombian man makes a living repairing cell phones and computers -- with his feet. John Highee-ro Ru-aida was born without arms. But that hasn't slowed him down. He is more dexterous with his feet alone…. than many people are with their hands and He does not want people feeling sorry for him…..

"I am a man who has worked hard and who likes to succeed. I don't want anyone to say "oh look at that poor guy". I am one of those people who worked hard for everything with the sweat of my brawl, It's been difficult"

The Arkansas Department of Human Services announced a new proposal to ban religious activities at all state funded pre-schools, even Christian ones. Proponents say it's a move toward separation of Church and State. Reverend Justin Harris who owns "Growing God's Kingdom pre-school" was singled out by the group "Americans United for the Separation of Church and State". It accused his school of using state money to promote religion. The Department of Health Services sent out an inspector and confirmed that" bible studies, bible songs and children's art were on the walls. So now comes the proposal to ban all religious activities at all state funded pre-schools.

Seven influential U.S. mega-church pastors took part in live, unscripted discussions in Aurora, Illinois on different approaches to ministry. It was at an event called The Elephant Room – billed as "conversations you never thought you'd hear" from pastors. It was broadcast to over 70 locations around the country. One of the controversial, but serious themes: denominations. Jack Graham affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention said many denominations should go away because they are diminishing in impact. And Mark Driscoll asserted, many churches become little more than institutional museums.


As women age, knee pain is a common complaint for various reasons. Here are some tips for treatment


William Baldwin is promoting an inspirational new faith-based movie called "Blind Faith," a film based on the true story of a high school senior who struggles to become the first ever blind person to play football. Baldwin plays the blind football-player's coach. At 5 the real life hero…. Michael Chastain ….. lost vision in his right eye from an accident. Three years later, an eye disease affected his left eye. By 15, he was totally blind. He credits it to his coach and to God.