CP World Report: Republican National Convention, Hurricane Isaac, Afghanistan, Brazil

Hundreds of evangelicals gathered in Tampa, Florida at the Faith and Freedom Coalition rally ahead of the Republican National Convention. They highlighted the importance of the election as –what they called--Obama's "war on religion." Speakers included Mike Huckabee, Ralph Reed and Newt Gingrich. Of course Obamacare came up, as it forces religious institutions to pay for abortion and contraception. Huckabee talked about civil liberties….

TAG: And with hurricane Issac threatening the Florida coast, the Republican National convention in Tampa faced setbacks. It was scheduled to start yesterday, then postponed because of damaging winds. It left organizers scrambling to shorten the highly publicized event. Many speeches by prominent Republicans have been shortened. Others were moved.

17 people were beheaded in Afghanistan after the Taliban stormed a large music and dancing party . Some say it was because such celebrations violate the strict form of Islam embraced by the militants. Others say it happened because of a fight between two Taliban commanders over two women. In another incident: two American soldiers were shot and killed by one of their Afghan colleagues in the east. NATO would not comment on whether it was intentional or an accident. Insider attacks recently exploded into a crisis.

A 40-year-old construction worker has been arrested in connection with the slaying and dismemberment of Hua Guang Liu. That's the 41 year old mother of three who's body parts were discovered in Credit River, Mississauga in mid-august. Chunqi Jiang was charged with second degree murder. He was reportedly Hua's estranged boyfriend.

Anti-Western symbolism is rampant in Tehran at the week-long gathering of "nonaligned" nations. As the sessions began, a balloon with a message hailing Iran as a "cradle of peace and justice" hovered near the site of the former US embassy where Iranian militants held 52 people hostage almost 33 years ago. Israel is expected to be an issue at the summit , since there's talk circulating about Israel potentially striking nuclear targets in Iran. And there's speculation …hostilities could come to a head before the American election.

The first civil union in Brazil between three separate gay partners has caused shock and outrage among religious groups. The three partners lived together and wanted to publicly declare their status. Checks were conducted to see if there was any legal impediment to the unions and none was found. The document gives rights when it comes to the division of property. But, it does not guarantee family rights, such as death benefits, financing in banks, or dependence on health plans.

An Ohio man has pleaded not guilty to charges of shooting his wife in what some are saying may have been a mercy killing. John Wise is being held on several charges, including aggravated murder. He's accused of shooting his wife in the intensive care unit of Akron General Medical Center. Wise said she was hospitalized after suffering a triple aneurysm. She died the day after the shooting. The judge in the case agreed to reduce Wise's bond from one-million to 500-thousand dollars.