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CP World Report: Romney, Mission Conference, Chick-fil-A, London Olympics

CP World Report: Romney, Mission Conference, Chick-fil-A, London Olympics

The Northern Syrian city of Aleppo is reportedly in a critical situation. In the past week, the once most popular city in Syria has become a major focal point in the war. And over this weekend alone, 200-thousand civilians fled the city into neighboring villages and across the border into Turkey. Rebel fighters have taken control of surrounding towns and villages and are said to be fiercely battling al Assad's forces to capture Aleppo.

Don Perry, Chick-fil-A's long time head spokesman has died unexpectedly of a heart attack. The sad news comes as the fast food chain tried to negotiate a Public relations firestorm over its president's recent comments on gay marriage. Dan Cathy told an online religious newspaper that he supports "the biblical definition of the family unit" .Various politicians jumped on the comment, including Mayor Thomas Menino who suggested the company was not welcome in the city. The privately owned chain, which has some 1,600 restaurants around the country has highlight the deep divisions over gay marriage. It has received strong historic support from Rick Santorum and Billy Graham. Even Tim Thomas, the Boston Bruins goalie, has weighed in on the side of Chick-fil-A. But The Jim Henson Company pulled its Muppet toys from Chick-fil-A kids' meals and instead directed revenue from the toys to the gay rights organization GLAAD.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Republican contender Mitt Romney yesterday. The two discussed the threat of Iran. Romney said he would support Israel's decision to launch a military strike against Iran to keep that country from achieving nuclear capabilities, but hopes diplomatic and military measures will dissuade Tehran from doing this. Romney is on a 7-day overseas trip that included a stop to see the kickoff of the London Olympics. After Israel, he headed off to Poland.

Accused Colorado killer--24 year old James Holmes—is expected to plead insanity in the Batman screening massacre that stunned the world. Holmes is said to have been under the care of psychiatrist-- Dr Lynne Fenton-- before the horrific tragedy. This is now raising questions about the system which let him legally buy the stock of ammunition he used in the slaughter of 12 victims and shootings of 58 others.

Meanwhile…..The youngest victim of the Colorado movie theater shooting was just six-years-old.
Her 13-year-old babysitter was there -- and desperately tried to save her life. The teen showed tremendous courage, even though she thought she herself was going to die.
Here she tells her moving story…..

Chicago was the site of a week-long Korean World Mission Conference held in Chicago. Prominent evangelical leaders in the U.S. joined in. Korea represents the world's fastest growing missionary movement. The number of Korean missionaries in 169 countries has exceeded 20,000 – more than doubling in 10 years. At this rate of growth, Korea is expected to surpass the United States as the top missionary-sending country in the world by the year 2020. Over 5,000 people – half of them missionaries – participated in the 7th Conference of its kind which examined mission developments in the past and mission trends for the next 10 years.

Planned Parenthood clinic in Chicago "botched" an abortion procedure and delayed summoning emergency care, causing the death of a 24 year old woman, according to medical documents. Pro-life groups are now calling for regulation of abortion in the state. Tonya Reaves underwent the procedure during her second trimester. Pro-life organization, Life Education and Resource Network has accused the clinic of negligence.


As the 2012 Summer Games get underway with Friday's spectcular ceremony that cost 42 million dollars, top athletes in London have been keeping fans involved through Twitter. Many of them are devout Christians who have shared that their desire in competing is more about honoring God…. than striving for an Olympic medal.

Some results so far: Host Britain picked up its first medal of the Canada has its first medal of the London Olympics. Lizzie Armitstead took silver behind first-place Marianne Vos of the Netherlands. And, Canada has its first medal of the London Olympics. Divers Emilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel claimed bronze in the women's three-metre synchronized event.

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