CP World Report: Romney, Syria Violence, Anders Breivik,Tim Tebow

A federal appeals court has struck down a Federal Communications Commission policy on indecency. The court determined that regulations barring the use of "fleeting expletives" on radio and television violated the First Amendment because they were vague and could inhibit free speech. The case stems from a challenge by Broadcasters to the F.C.C.'s decision in 2004 to begin enforcing stricter standards about decency . This followed—among many occurrences-- the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction during Superbowl 2004. The broadcasters also argued that the revolution in technology renders the old rules obsolete. The decision is expect to be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Mitt Romney campaigned through his home state of Michigan. Thousands showed up in support. Romney sees this state as an indicator of his success en route to the White House…..

As the violence rages on in Syria ... President al Assad's political and media advisor, Bouth-aina Shaa-ban, has spoken out. She says it isn't true that foreign journalists are not allowed into Syria…..

Meanwhile…..the Vatican is stepping up its condemnation of violence in Syria with Pope Benedict calling for urgent humanitarian aid for residents. Benedict is due to visit Lebanon in September. The Vatican had been relatively silent at the start of the uprising against the al Assad regime as it mirrored the general sentiment of Syrian Christians who largely preferred al Assad over the Islamist hardliners in the uprising against his rule.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed Christianity is in steady decline while the Eastern Faiths like Buddhism and Hinduism are growing. This is despite the fact that most Australians profess Christianity as a belief. Still it remains the dominant religion in Australia with the largest percentage of Christians being Catholic, followed by Anglican. Many are attributing the reason to a notable cultural shift, due to immigration.

Prosecutors have asked the court to send confessed mass killer Anders Breivik to a mental institution instead of jail for his massacre of 77 people in a shooting rampage in Norway. If the court grants it, the attacks at government headquarters and a youth summer camp would not be considered acts of political terrorism, but the work of a madman. Breivik himself claims he is sane and that his attacks were motivated by his political views of defending Europe against Muslim immigration.


New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is winner of the 2012 Good Guy Award. It is given by the Professional Football Writers of America which "is given to an NFL Player for his qualities and professional style in helping pro football writers do their jobs. The devout Christian Tebow got the award for the way he handled the intense media scrutiny he was under in the 2011 season.

It has been 40 years since the Title 9 amendment was signed into law. Title 9 made it illegal for federally funded schools to discriminate against women. It also ended up leveling the playing field for female athletes. Secretary of State-- Hillary Clinton-- met with E-S-P-N President John Skipper to commemorate the achievement.