CP World Report: Sudan to Join Human Rights Council, US Drought, Olympic Roundup

The election of Omar Al-Bashir to the Human Rights council is almost certain. He's the Sudanese warlord accused of Christian genocide in Darfur. The move is seen as the most bizarre appointment that has made a mockery of the UN's ability to monitor and promote human rights. Al-Bashir has the full backing of the UN African delegation. His endorsement comes just as the International Criminal Court has issued a warrant for Al-Bashir for crimes against humanity. It is the first such warrant for a sitting head of state. The executive Director of UN Watch Hillel Neuer said the appointment is like putting "Jack the Ripper in charge of a women's shelter." The candidacies of Venezuela and Pakistan are also being protested by UN Watch and other human rights groups.

The U.S. drought is driving up food prices globally and observers say it could get worse. It could lead to food shortages for millions of people globally. Hot temperatures across the Midwestern and Western parts of the U.S. have dried up crops and hiked the price of corn and grain. The U.N. index of cereal prices soared 17% last month, creeping closer to its all-time high, set in April 2008.

The death toll in Sunday's mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin could have been much worse.

Inside the temple that morning, food was being prepared for a community meal. Outside, a nine-year-old girl was playing with her 11-year-old brother. Their parents had gone to the store to buy supplies. When the children saw the gunman approaching, they began to warn everyone and because of their heroism, lives were saved. The children and their mother spoke about the incident.

Police say 40-year-old Wade Michael Page killed six people in that shooting, before killing himself.

Four others were wounded, including a police officer.

As the violence and bloodshed rage on in Syria, refugees are flocking to the border regions and going into areas like Jordan. That country is now worried about more than the growing number of displaced Syrians. Barbara Starr tells us why.

Today, Christ Faith Tabernacle in London will host the "Lay Witnesses for Christ International's 8th Evening with the Olympians." The global outreach will feature Olympian of the Century, Carl Lewis, as a speaker as it has before. Including Olympians is a critical component of the Christian Olympic outreaches. Korean television is sending two crews and anticipating 12 million Koreans to watch the event. Korea's Dr. John Song, who translates for the Billy and Franklin Graham Crusades, will be on the platform.

Billy Graham is calling on people to repent as part of the "My Hope with Billy Graham" evangelistic outreach, scheduled for the week of Nov. 7, 2013. The event will also coincide with Grahams' 95th birthday. The outreach is part of a growing trend of evangelicals who are concerned with the state of the country, its declining values, and the lack of faith in Christ. It is part of a larger grassroots movement to bring people closer to God as well as giving them the tools to spread the good word. The Reverend Billy Graham says his heart aches for a deceived America.

Outrage is growing over the failure of the Nigerian government to stop the year-long terrorist attacks against Christian worshippers in the country. Early this week, another 25 Christians and the pastor of a church were shot gunned down near the capital of Abuja. That death toll is rising after initial reports had placed that number at 19. Some Nigerians are ready to take things into their own hands if President Goodluck Jonathan does not ensure an end to the violent attacks by the radical group Boko Harem, who has vowed to wipe out all followers of Christ in the country.

In the Olympics:

The U.S. women's soccer team won a gold in their 2-1 victory against Japan.

America's Ashton Eaton, who set the decathlon world record in June at the U.S. trials won the Olympic decathlon gold medal by 198 points last night. Two-time world champion Trey Hardee settled for silver and Leonel Suarez of Cuba captured the bronze.

And the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt did it again. He won another gold in the 200 meter race in 19.32 seconds last night, making him the only man with two Olympic titles in that event.

And Canada won the soccer bronze with a stunning late goal over france 1-nothing. Diana Matheson, scored a dramatic extra-time goal. That victory was the final crown following the emotional toll of Canada's 4-3 semifinal loss to the United States.

In wrestling: Tonya Verbeek of Thorold, Ontario ended a brilliant Olympic career with a silver medal in women's freestyle wrestling yesterday.

The US leads in the total medal count at 90, followed by China at 80. Canada has 16