CP World Report: Superstorm Sandy, Coptic Pope, Palestine, Richard Dawkins

An update on the aftermath of Hurricane sandy: The death toll in the US has risen to 111. The New York City Board of Elections has now decided to temporarily relocate or combine some polling locations. Falling temperatures on the East Coast has also put more people at risk because of gas shortages, and power outages.With temperatures near freezing more than 700,000 people were still without power in New York City, and especially Staten island. The New York City Marathon was also cancelled.

Egypt's ancient Coptic Christian church has named a new Pope, chosen in an elaborate ceremony where a blindfolded boy drew the name of the next patriarch from a crystal chalice, out of the three short-listed clerics. He replaces Pope Shenouda III who died earlier this year at 88. The 60 year old Bishop Tawadros will be ordained Nov. 18 as Pope. He will be the spiritual leader of a community that increasingly fears for its future amid the rise of Islamists to power.

Meanwhile…..A Persecution Watchdog has issued a statement warning about Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood majority government's drafting Shariah law as the foundation of its new constitution; and also that this will mean deepening trouble for Christians in the country. Jerry Dykstra, Director of Communications for Open Doors USA said President Mohammed Morsi disguised himself by making an election promise about his government being more moderate and now a new Islamic extremist government is now the reality that replaced Hosni Mubarek. Christians are already being driven out of Churches, kidnapped, not getting jobs and thousands of them are fleeing the country in the midst of the rising persecution.

The prime minister of the Hamas-ruled Gaza strip–Ismail Haniyeh—has criticized the Palestinian president for comments he made that he believes contradicts Palestinian territorial demands. In an interview with Israeli media, Mahmoud Abbas said the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem are Palestine -- and the rest is Israel. But Ismail Haniyeh called Abbas's words extremely dangerous. Hamas does not recognize Israel's right to exist and is accusing Abbas of suggesting….millions of refugees and their descendants would not return to the places they fled in wars with Israel, after Israel was attacked by Arab states upon in its creation in 1948. Here is a clip of the interview Abbas did as he prepares for a trip to the United Nations later this month, where he will seek an upgraded observer status for the Palestinians at the UN. CNN SOT

One of Scotland's leading Christian thinkers has said that the best-seller "The God Delusion" authored by Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins—has actually led many to God. Dawkins is an atheist and his book drew millions to debate God and the Bible according to Reverend David Robertson, a minister from the Free Church of Scotland. The God Delusion argues: how science and the universe exist without any sort of divinely-inspired notions, and it also asserts how a belief in God is detrimental to human development and progress.


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