CP World Report: Syria Attack, Rowan Williams, Same-Sex Marriage, NASA

Former President Bill Clinton had some strong words about Iran and its president Ahmadinejad
during an interview with C-N-N's Piers Morgan……

Rebels, armed with explosives and guns, attacked a Syrian building --much like the Pentagon—yesterday. This video shows the blast as it happened against the military facility in Damascus. Four guards were reported killed and 14 people injured. The Free Syrian Army claimed responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile at a UN Security Council meeting Syrian Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi declared a stalemate…..

Canadian Members of Parliament overwhelmingly voted down a Conservative backbencher's motion that sought to set up a parliamentary committee to study the question of what constitutes a human being. That definition is 400 years old and currently… the criminal code declares a child is a human being when he or she fully emerges from the mother. The final vote that defeated motion 312—tabled by Conservative MP, Stephen Woodworth-- was 203 to 91. Opponents saw it as a motion to re-open the abortion debate; an issue Prime Minster Stephen harper promised not to do in an election promise, and lived up to it by voting the motion down.

Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams steps down later this year and officials are meeting to decide about his successor. The leader of 77 million Anglicans leaves at the end of the year. The Crown Nominations Commission are spending until the end of the week behind closed doors to deliberate about who will fill the position. Once the members have decided on a candidate and a second-in-line candidate, a formal submission will be delivered to Prime Minister David Cameron.He then relays word of the recommended candidate to the Queen for final approval. The transition comes during a turbulent time for the Church as it grapples with women clergy and gay clergy issues.

The Government of France is debating the definition of marriage; and should it pass legislation to redefine it, gender-neutral wording on key documents is next. For example current words used to describe mother and father could be removed and replaced with just…."parents". Gender neutral words will also be used in marriage ceremonies for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Lawmakers plan to put forward legislation in October to legalize same sex marriage.

President Francois Hollande declared his support for both same-sex marriage, and adoptions for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples. There is limited support for gay marriage in France, because of the large Catholic presence; and Catholics have been urging followers to retain traditional family values.

Check this out: This is the most detailed view of our universe ever captured, according to NASA.
The image was 10 years in the making. NASA used photos from the Hubble Space Telescope to assemble this view of the Extreme Deep Field. The image contains about 55-hundred galaxies.


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