CP World Report: Syria Chemical Weapons, North Korea Rocket, Prince William and Kate Baby

Dire warnings from the United States against Syria, in the ongoing crisis…..
President Obama has warned that any use of chemical weapons by Syria in its civil war would be crossing a "red line" that would prompt a swift U-S response. And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Syria not to test the U-S response.

Meanwhile….. After months of long-range sniping over the war in Syria, leaders of Turkey and Russia met in Istanbul to figure out how to respond to the bloody uprising across Turkey's southern border --
Turkey wants to see international military intervention in Syria, a move that Moscow is firmly against and has repeatedly blocked at the U-N. Turkey is also angry at Russia's refusal to stop supplying Syria with weapons. In October, Turkey forced a Russian passenger plane to land on Turkish soil --
accusing it of carrying military equipment to Syria. The Kremlin said the plane had a legitimate cargo of radar parts.

The international affairs Bishops from the Church of England and the Catholic Church have come out in support of the UN decision to upgrade the status of the Palestinian authority; a controversial issue that is seen by Israel, America and Canada among others—as a unilateral decision that has violated the rules of negotiations. Bishop Michael Langrish of the Church of England and Catholic Bishop Declan Lang wrote a joint letter of disappointment to British Foreign Secretary William Hague, stating their disapproval of the UK abstaining from the vote last week. They view the Palestinian upgrade as a means of breaking the current political impasse.

It is one of the world's most militarized borders. ..between North and South Korea.
On one side, North Korea recently announced plans to launch a rocket this month-- regarded by many as an act of provocation. In fact, a day after the announcement the Japanese Prime Minister threatened to shoot down the rocket if it threatens Japanese territory. But on the other side of the border is peaceful South Korea where some continue to believe—and even prepare for the day when they think the Koreas will be reunited.

Less than two weeks after rejecting a proposal to accept women bishops, the Church of England has already started taking steps toward a new initiative to get the issue up for another vote. A 19-member archbishops' council said that a meeting later this month will put in place a clear process for discussions with the goal of bringing legislative proposals before the Synod next July. Bishops have described the issue "as a matter of urgency." Even U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has gotten involved. Cameron has urged the church to "get on with it" after expressing his disappointment with the November 20th vote. Although the majority of voters at the General Synod voted in favor of female bishops, the required two-thirds majority was not met – it fell short by only six votes.

Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their first child after 19 months of marriage. The palace made the official announcement . The revelation came as Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was admitted to a central London hospital with acute morning sickness. She is expected to be there for several days. This would be the first grandchild for the heir to the British throne: Prince Charles, and ……the late Diana, Princess of Wales.