CP World Report: Syria, Memorial Cross, Reformed Church, Coptic Church

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad swore in his new Cabinet on Syrian state television Tuesday.
The heads of defense, the foreign minister and the interior minister all remain the same in the new government formed by Prime Minister Riyad Hijab.

The U.S. Supreme Court has temporarily refused to review the case about the fate of the Mt. Sol-e-dad Veterans Memorial Cross . A dispute over religious symbolism on government land in San Diego County started in 2006 when the ACLU filed because some people and groups were offended by the cross. Then the US court of Appeals ruled the cross unconstitutional. But then Liberty Institute appealed the decision, and the US Solicitor General joined in. With the Supreme Court deciding not to review the case, the way is now paved for California's lower courts to make a decision before any other legal action is taken over religious symbolism in San Diego County.

In its annual meeting, the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America has appointed a "new committee" to recommend a set of plans to deal with the denomination's position on homosexuality. In 2004, the Synod passed a resolution to affirm the traditional definition of marriage. But some objections have caused the issue to be put on the General Synod agenda. The new committee on this issue is intended to pray and work together to recommend a way forward given disagreements in the denomination.

The head of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the U.K. –Bishop Angaelos has spoken of his hope for positive reform in Egypt after the election of new president Mohammed Morsi. In his victory speech Morsi promised to be a "president for all Egyptians." Morsi has much to accomplish including a clear resolution to the power struggle with the country's military ruling council. This includes agreeing on the nation's future constitution and how to balance the power over government institutions.

There are still good, honest people around, despite the world's overall cynicism. A good samaritan found a bag with nearly 13-thousand dollars in it and he made sure it got it back to the rightful owner. Here's the story.

The World Council of Churches and All Africa Conference of Churches have condemned the destruction of a church in Sudan. The groups denounced the action as the latest in a series of "calculated attacks" on minority communities and Christians in particular. They also warned that Christians-- of Muslim background --were being targeted and dispossessed of their property and their spouses. The Episcopal Parish Church of Saint John in Khartoum was reportedly demolished on the orders of Sudanese government officials. And on April 12th, the Sudan Evangelical Church Bible School was also destroyed and books including the Bible were set on fire in full view of the police. An appeal for prayer has gone out.

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