CP World Report: Syria, Nigerian Churches, Pope Benedict, Canada's Anti-Bullying Bill

A drone strike has killed al Qaeda's second-in-command in Pakistan. The death of Abu Yahya Al-Libi is the biggest blow to the terrorist network since the killing of Osama bin Laden. A U-S official says al-Libi played a critical role in the group's planning against the West.

Syria has barred and expelled a string of Western and European diplomats saying they were "no longer welcome." That includes the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Just last week, Western nations expelled Syrian diplomats over the Houla (Howala) massacre where 108 people were slaughtered in a day, including 49 children. Syria continues its struggle to crush an increasingly deadly uprising against the Al Assad government. Syria has reportedly underscored the expulsion of the Western diplomats, as a symbolic demonstration that the Al Assad regime will stand firm in the face of international pressure.

The attacks on Nigerian Churches by the Islamic extremist group Boko Harem continues to escalate. A suicide bomber crashed into the gate of a Church compound in the city of Bauchi. 12 people were killed and over 20 wounded. 8 other people were then gunned down by the military trying to keep order due to the anger of the crowd at the scene; at least 25 more were wounded. The congregants of Living Faith Church were just leaving worship services when the explosion went off. It also brought down a wall of the adjacent Harvest Field church. Meanwhile….Nigerian Christian Bishops collectively called for God's vengeance upon Boko Harem, which has been waging war against Christians for over a year now.

Another controversial video out of a Church about homosexuality has gone viral. This time from Indiana. The YouTube video shows a young child singing a song inside "Apostolic Truth Tabernacle " Church, about homosexuals not getting into heaven. The church says it doesn't condone, teach or practice hate. Biblical Author Bruce Fieler says that a recent string of anti-gay church videos highlight a long battle over social issues and the Bible.

Pope Benedict has declared: society must rediscover the importance of family . On a visit to Milan for the seventh "World Meeting of Families," he said to the crowd of a million that family is an element of an "authentic and stable culture." He also condemned selfishness in families; and he preached about how making money undermines families . The Pope referred to the family' as a place where the light of peace begins to burn in people's hearts, so as to illuminate our world. Pope Benedict also announced in Milan that the next "World Meeting of Families" will be held in 2015 in Philadelphia.

Ontario's precedent –setting and Controversial Bill 13 has passed third and final reading. The anti-bullying bill has now paved the way for all Ontario students to set up gay-straight alliance clubs in their schools . 65 MPP's voted in favor of Bill 13—deemed inclusive--and all 36 Progressive Conservative MPP's voted against it. Premier Dalton McGuinty said there are values that transcend any one faith. But many faiths opposed the bill, especially Catholic educators now forced to host gay-straight alliance clubs in their schools which goes against Catholic teachings. Bu the province may be headed for a showdown. Campaign Life Coalition President Jim Hughes has encouraged Cardinal Collins and the Catholic School Boards to invoke Section 93 of the Constitution Act which permits them to reject any legislation which impacts adversely upon the content of faith and morals.

Need a good reason to keep sleeping with your spouse, even if he or she snores or hogs the sheets? Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh say sharing a bed could actually be better for your health than sleeping alone. They say couples who snuggle up are more secure, have lower stress levels and are less anxious. Nearly one in four couples sleep in separate bedrooms.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Facebook may lift its ban on kids under 13. The social media site -- according to Wall Street Journal -- is developing special new features for kids' pages. The technology would allow parents to control who their kids "friend" and what applications they can use. Many kids already lie about their ages in order to get access.