CP World Report: Tornado, Ohio School Shooting, Syria, Iranian Pastor

Welcome to this edition of World Report, I'm Tom Anthony sitting in for Christine Williams.

Severe weather damage in the Midwest is shocking. Harrisburg, Illinois officials estimate as many as 300 homes were damaged and many businesses. Reports indicate at least nine people are dead in a storm that tore through Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Indiana. Six of the dead are in Harrisburg. Mayor Eric Gregg of Harrisburg had this to say.

IN THE MID EAST, Syria's new constitution may have passed a referendum on Sunday, but Christians are protesting the inclusion of an article that would prevent a non-Muslim from being the country's president.
Meanwhile Yemeni protesters have called for the expulsion of the US ambassador to Yemen over his intervention in the country's internal affairs and the desecration of the Holy Qur'an in a US-run military airbase in Afghanistan. The protesters staged a rally in front of the US embassy in the capital and burned an effigy of the ambassador Gerald Michael Feierstein and the US flag. Feierstein has been accused of having a role in holding the recent single-vote presidential election in Yemen and returning home the former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh from a "medical visit" to the US. The Yemeni protesters are also angry at the Saudi regime over the election.

An Egyptian court has ruled that a Coptic Christian billionaire who was sued for posting a controversial cartoon, did not insult Islam, The court said Media mogul Naguib Sawiris should not be sued, but ordered the plaintiff to pay the court an amount equal to ten dollars in fees. Sawiris is an owner of the Wind Mobile cellular telephone company in Canada.

Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, has told Fox News that Iran is using the case of Youcef Nadarkhani as political leverage, that is, using the sanctions enacted against the country as an excuse to keep the Christian pastor imprisoned. Nadarkhani is under the sentence of death for apostasy.

Thousands of people showed their support for the three victims of Monday's school shooting during a community vigil in Chardon, Ohio. A sea of people packed the front yard and driveway of the church, where a screen broadcast the vigil going on inside. Also, one of the victim's family says it forgives the young man. In the meantime more information is being released re the home life of the shooter. Here's a report.


If your kids play "active" video games, like Wii Fit Plus or Dance, Dance Revolution, they may not be getting as much physical exercise as you think. A new study in the journal, "Pediatrics," says there is no evidence children playing those games become more active than those who play stationary ones. Researchers tracked nearly eighty children using a motion-measuring device.

The goal was to see if the games would help them meet their daily exercise requirements.

Researchers say they were stunned by the results. They expected to see a substantial increase in physical activity. The team's lead researcher says he couldn't tell if the kids were playing less energetically or if they became sedentary later in the day to compensate for working out with the games.

In memoriam, Davy Jones the lead singer of the Monkees died yesterday of an apparent heart attack. The 66 year old who was living in Florida had flowers laid on his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California later in the day.

And that's this edition of World Report, I'm Tom Anthony