CP World Report: UN General Assembly, Germany Least Religious, BGEA

World leaders gathered at the UN General Assembly in New York . They addressed topics like poverty, global warming, renewed conflicts in sub Saharan Africa; and most critically: violence in the Middle East , including the 18-month civil war raging in Syria; and ….how to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat. Obama vowed the U.S. will do what it must do to prevent the regime from gaining a nuclear weapon. He called it a threat to Israel's existence…….

Obama also addressed the free speech issue with regards to the upheaval in the middle east over what he condemned as the quote: "crude and disgusting" video……

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared Israel had no roots in the Middle East . He also conducted a private interview with CNN's Piers Morgan...

Germany has been found to be the least religious of all regions in the world. The survey, "Beliefs about God across Time and Countries," found that 52.1 percent of respondents from the eastern part of Germany said that they had no faith in God or any religious dogma as compared with their western German counterparts, which had only 10.3 percent of respondents claim……. that they were atheists. The reason cited: for nearly 50 years, the region was under the influence of the Communist Party.

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