CP World Report: US Ambassador Killed, Israel, 9/11 Cross, Pornography

US ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans have been killed in Libya after angry protestors attacked the US consulate and burned it down. It was over the production of a Dutch film thought to be an insult to Mohammed. And in Cairo yesterday, the U.S. embassy was also attacked over that same film. American flags were torn down and replaced with black flags with Islamic emblems. The facility was said to have been cleared of diplomatic personnel earlier in the day, ahead of the apparent threat; while Egyptian riot police were called to help secure the Embassy walls.

Underlying tensions between the U.S and Israel over how to deal with Iran has risen to the surface. The White House has rejected a request from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with Obama in the U.S. later this month. Netanyahu has criticized the Obama administration over failing to draw "red lines" for Iran over its uranium enrichment program, suggesting it serves as a signal to the regime that they could build atomic bombs without impunity.

9-11 memorials were widespread yesterday. Putting a cloud over it has been the ongoing efforts to have the Memorial cross near the World Trade Center removed. Legal experts are saying they strongly doubt the American Atheists organization has any chance of getting a court to agree to its claim that the cross discriminates against those who are not Christians. The organization first filed a lawsuit in July 2011. But the National September 11 Memorial & Museum has argued that the cross is not to offend anyone, but to honor the cross which had "became an icon of hope and comfort throughout the recovery in the wake of the 9-11 attacks.

The teenage Pakistani girl accused of burning pages of the Quran--has been released on bail--and is now back with her family-- But she still fears for her life. Initially, Rimsha Mahsih she was reported as 11 years old because she looks that way, but she is 14.

Pornography is destroying the morality of younger generations. That's the concern of Dr. William Struthers, Associate Professor of Psychology at Wheaton College. Struthers has written extensively on the issues surrounding porn and the effect it has on younger people and even on their brain function.
Struthers recently voiced his support for a UK Safety Net campaign, which aims to get internet service providers to block porn at the network level and give the choice for the account holder to "opt-in" to those sites. The new initiative is a joint function created by Premier Christian Media and the Safer Media campaign group…intended to make it harder for children to be exposed to illicit material.

A same-sex couple in Massachusetts is suing aRoman Catholic Diocese for alleged discrimination. The two men claim church officials backed out of selling them a mansion for fears they would hold gay marriages there.