CP World Report: US Women Voters, Uruguay Abortion, France Marriage Law

Less than two weeks before Election Day, the gender gap is narrowing down between the two candidates. According to a new Associated Press poll: Mitt Romney has broken even with Obama among women at 47 to 47 percent, after lagging by a whopping 16 points only a month earlier. At the same time, Obama has narrowed the male gap as the least favored among male voters. Overall in the poll, Romney is the favored candidate by all voters. Only by a slight margin though: 47 to 45.

Canada's top court has ruled in an election case that could have been precedent setting. The Supreme Court of Canada concluded that Federal election voting irregularities in the Toronto riding of Etobicoke Center in 2011 were not bad enough to overturn the result and thus force a byelection. This means Conservative MP Ted Opitz will now keep his seat. He had won the riding with a margin of just 26 votes over the Liberal incumbent who then challenged the outcome, citing irregularities in the election-day paperwork. Then 79 ballots were called into question by Ontario Superior Court Justice Thomas Lederer. The final decision by the Supreme Court of Canada marked the first time the Court has weighed in on the validity of an election result in a federal riding, and the ruling may set a precedent for future cases.

Six people are now in police custody in connection with the shooting of 15 year old Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan, who was campaigning for human rights against the Taliban.

We brought you the story early in the week that Uruguay had become the second Latin American country to legalize abortion, but with limitations. Now, Catholic bishops in that country have excommunicated the lawmakers who cast their votes in support of the bill. A spokesperson for the Bishops' Conference in Uruguay explained that the moment lawmakers voted against life they basically excommunicated themselves.

With France on the verge of legalizing same sex marriage, some politicians began calling for assisted procreation for homosexual couples. A high ranking member of the French socialist party said that such unions have the right to have children through medically assisted means like test tube babies. But a swift backlash from religious leaders has now caused politicians to shelve that plan. A call for a vote to legalize gay marriage was set for this month, but after an outcry from French citizens, the date was moved to Nov. 7th. France's large Catholic presence have been urging followers to do what is right by the Church . The Church has also been highlighting the importance of traditional family values.

Social networking has become very popular in Nigeria over the past few years.
But the country is reeling - after a university student was allegedly murdered by two of her facebook "friends."

Three weeks later, the two suspects were arrested. They're now in jail awaiting trial - charged with conspiracy, robbery & murder. Cynthia's family told CNN that they hope Cynthia's death will serve as an eye-opener to young girls everywhere... about what sometimes lurks in the vast world of social media.