Creation is Cool: What Happens to Boiling Water in -41 Degree Weather? (VIDEO)

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Dmitry Klimensky)

If you're tempted to complain about the frigid weather outside, first take heart that you don't live in Siberia. (Or if you do, Добро пожаловать!)

In this video, YouTube user and Siberian resident Dmitry Klimensky exhibits what happens to boiling water when you toss it out into -41ºC weather. Or if you need it in Fahrenheit: -41º. (Remember, -40º is that magic spot on where Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same.)

Enjoy how terribly interesting God's creation is, and PLEASE don't try this – 'this' being hurling a pot of boiling water off your balcony – at home. But please do SHARE this fun video!

H/T: Reddit