Crimes Against Egypt's Christians Were Expected Yet Authorities Did Nothing, Says Human Rights Advocate in Wake of Warraq Church Massacre

President of the Supporters of Human Rights Association, Dr. Omar El-Sabakhi, insisted the Warraq church massacre was expected and security forces once again failed to take any action.

El-Sabakhi described the attack as "a heinous crime that is despised by all religions and morals."

"The war against terrorism took place in the nineties between state and terrorist groups. Now, the war is between these terrorist groups and the public as a whole," El Sabakhi told Mideast Christian News.

He believes that the key to facing Gamaat Islamiya, a political party with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, is to achieve social justice and to encourage a moderate religious discourse.

"The MB aim to spread a state of panic and terror in Egypt," he said. "Yet, their crimes have only fueled the hatred of the people against them."

"Where are the slogans they used to chant, such as 'Islam is the way'? They have all disappeared and revealed their real purpose, which is to control the community," he added.

Also in response to the horrific attack of Warraw church several U.S. Congressional members sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warning of the dangers facing Coptic Christians in Egypt.

The letter was sent by Bob Crocker, a ranking member of the House Foreign Relations Committee, and signed by Lamar Alexander and Roy Blunt urged Kerry to do more to pressure the Egyptian government to protect Copts.

"Egypt's Christian minority and their ability to worship are in danger. The situation warrants a clear U.S. response," the letter read. "The U.S. must respond to this challenge and continue to be a forceful defender of religious freedom throughout the world."