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'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Episode 21: Reid to Break Out From Jail?

'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Episode 21: Reid to Break Out From Jail?

Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) believes his mother, Diana (Jane Lynch), is in danger in the upcoming episode of "Criminal Minds."

In the episode titled "Green Light," the synopsis reveals that the FBI agent thinks Diana has been abducted by Lindsey (Gia Mantegna), her caretaker.

Reid fears for Diana's life in the upcoming episode of "Criminal Minds." | Facebook/CriminalMinds

In the last episode, Diana went to see Reid in prison and she was accompanied by Lindsey. At first, he had a feeling that they had met before. Although Lindsey introduced herself using a different name, Carol, her familiar voice sent Reid back to the night he allegedly killed Nadie Ramos (Ani Sava). He became convinced that it was Lindsey who framed him for the murder, but it was too late. She was already leaving with his mother.

Reid will ask his friends in the Behavioral Analysis Unit to find Diana and keep her safe. In the promo, it looks like his suspicions are true. Diana appears to be locked inside a room. Lindsey must have messed with her mind since Diana feels guilty for what happened to Reid. She cannot bear the thought that her child is in prison because of her.

The BAU members are eager to help their comrade. Emily (Paget Brewster) is shown telling the unit that if they lose Diana, they will also lose Reid. They already feel bad for not being able to help him in his case. The agents are determined to be of service to Reid this time around. There is a scene in the teaser, though, that shows Reid in a suit. Did he break out from jail to find Diana himself?

Lindsey is actually an old character in the show. Her father was a criminal and she was placed in a witness protection program. In season 12, she made a comeback, becoming a killer proxy in one of the episodes. It is not presumptuous to say that she must be wanting revenge for what happened to her family. Reid has become an easy target, especially when he became desperate to find a cure for his mother.

"Criminal Minds" season 12 episode 21 will air Wednesday, May 3, at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.


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