Criminal Minds Season 9 Spoilers: 'Insight Into Our Heroes'

The CBS drama "Criminal Minds" is set to return tonight Sept. 25, and many fans lament having to wait to hear what is going to happen. Luckily for those fans, "Criminal Minds" showrunner Erica Messer provided some information for the upcoming ninth season of the show. Be cautious of spoilers below.

Messer sat down for an interview with and discussed what's in store for this season.

"We're telling backstories and origin stories. We want to give everybody some insight into our heroes because we give insight to the unsubs every week. We're going to hit 200 [episodes] and it feels like, 'Let's tell the audience things they never knew before,'" the showrunner said.

As Messer pointed out the ninth season will see the 200th episode for "Criminal Minds," and the show does have something exciting planned.

"There's no hearing in this one like in [episode 100 and the season seven premiere], but different characters flash back to fill in the blanks to solve the present-day case, which is JJ in jeopardy," Messer teases. "200 is flashback-heavy, but with things fans who've watched all 199 will be happy with. Our goal is to reward everyone who's been with us for 200 episodes," Messer said.

Messer also provided some inside information on the potential relationship between J.J. and Matt Cruz.

"I think everybody will jump to, 'Are they having an affair? Why are they so close?'" Messer says. "I think everyone who knows us knows we wouldn't do that. I think people will wonder that though, but it won't be an affair. I promise!" Messer told