Crucial Jerry Sandusky Witness Testifies to Molestation

Penn State Assistant Football Coach Mike McQueary says he believes former assistant basketball coach Jerry Sandusky sexually molested a boy, according to his Friday morning testimony.

McQueary arrived to the hearing early Friday morning at Dauphin County Courthouse in Pennsylvania on charges against former Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley and Finance Official Gary Schultz.

Last month, Curley and Schultz were charged with perjury before a Grand Jury for the testimony they gave about their knowledge of the Sandusky abuse charges.

McQueary testified Friday morning that he believes Sandusky molested a boy in the Penn State locker room in 2002, but cannot say 100 percent if there was penetration.

McQueary said the boy appeared to be between 10 to 12-years-old. He added that Sandusky was behind the boy with his hands around the boy's waist and the boy was facing a wall with his hands on it.

McQueary testified he reported the alleged shower incident to then head coach, Joe Paterno, who claims to have told Curley. None of the men ever contacted police.

Friday’s preliminary hearing was held to decide whether or not there is enough evidence for Schultz and Curley to go to trial.

McQueary and Curley have both been put on administrative leave from Penn State. Schultz retired after his Nov. 7 arraignment.

Jerry Sandusky maintains he is innocent.