'CSI' Creator Divorced: Anthony Zuiker to Remarry Already?

The creator of "CSI" Anthony Zuiker and his wife of 13 years have reportedly finalized their divorce on Thursday as reports suggest the writer has a new love interest.

Also as the executive producer of the successful crime television series, Zuiker will likely face a large settlement following his divorce from ex-wife Jennifer.

Zuiker's crime drama has garnered up to $6 billion over the years, according to Oppsing Views, and his personal net worth is said to stand at about $100 million, according to therichest.org.

Because the couple failed to sign a prenuptial agreement before they married in 1999, Zuiker's ex-wife could walk away with some of the "CSI" creator's fortune.

Furthermore, it was reported that Zuiker sought a speedy divorce from Jennifer after meeting preschool teacher Michelle Territo who he intends to marry, according to TMZ.

According to a source close to Zuiker, the television mogul has been dating Territo for over a year and the pair may tie the knot as early as next month, TMZ reported.

Zuiker is behind all three editions of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" including "CSI: Miami" and "CSI: NY." The producer also assisted in the writing of "Terminator Salvation," and has a web series entitled "Cybergeddon."

In 2008, Zuiker released a book entitled "Level 26: Dark Origins," with its follow up, "Level 26: Dark Prophecy" following in 2010.

CBS's crime drama television series has a strong fan following and portrays "crime scene analysts" who use physical evidence to solve grisly murders.

It is estimated that over 73.8 million viewers from around the world tune in to "CSI," and in 2012, it was named the most watched show in the world for the fifth time.

Stars in "CSI" include William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Jorja Fox, and Ted Danson, among many others.

The television series has been nominated for several awards since its premiere on CBS in 2000, and has earned six Emmys, among other awards.

However, police and district attorneys have heavily criticized "CSI" over matters of accuracy and sexual content.