'Cured But Not Healed' Offers Healing From the Lord

The Rev. Kymberley Clemons (KC) Jones has authored a new book posing a serious question: Are you "cured but not healed"? It's a question of great concern, especially given the way people are suffering these days. In "Cured But Not Healed," Jones asks the tough questions and provides examples of ways we can all be healed from whatever is ailing us.

"We use the words [cured and healed] interchangeably and both hold the same meanings … However, the ancient Greek translation of the word 'heal' differs from that of cure," according to Jones.

"In Greek, the word 'healed' translates to English as 'to be saved' and refers not only to the physical, emotional or mental healing that takes place in us but also to a spiritual healing that takes place through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ," Jones notes.

The rest of the book is a reflection of ways to go deeper in your faith with God and be fully healed. Jones, an ordained minister and certified life coach, provides personal examples of healing interchanged with biblical stories and testimonies of faith and God's power.

Jones' book is meant to be used as a guide for anyone seeking healing, for anyone who may need just a little extra help moving on from a situation.

"In 'Cured But Not Healed,' you will find instructions on how to develop a better relationship with your Creator. You will find my words challenging at times and comforting at other times," Jones promises.

The book is perfect for any person, or even a book club, who wants to go deeper in his or her faith. Jones includes a study guide for "Cured," with questions and Scripture that matches each chapter of the book. The questions will provide more opportunities to look inward and at your relationship with God.

"Will you be healed? Will you step past the superficial cure? It is up to you to take this step towards healing. Come, read on, and begin the journey," Jones invites every reader.

"Cured But Not Healed" is available on Amazon, and more information about Jones and the book can be found here.