Customer Gives Waitress Life-Changing Tip, Pays for Full $30,000 College Education (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: WHTM)

In 2010, Melissa Mainier was a waitress at the Peachtree Restaurant and Lounge in Harrisburg, Pa., but she had dreams of becoming a nurse. She struggled to work and attend classes, and one day she shared her financial woes with a customer. What he said in reply changed her life.

"I'd love to help you," said the customer, who happened to be renowned area philanthropist Benjamin Olewine III.

Mainier declined the stranger's offer at first, but he convinced her to let him help. Over the years, he's paid about $30,000 in tuition, books and expenses to get her through school and make her dream of becoming a nurse come true.

H/T: Huffington Post