Cutest, Smartest Puppy Ever? Watch This Tiny Siberian Husky Pup Sit and Speak (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Mistressdee1/YouTube)

He only lived 13 weeks, but Remmy, this impossibly adorable Siberian Husky pup, continues to bring lots of love to the world. In this video, Remmy is only 8 weeks old and 2.5 pounds, but he shows how smart he is. The puppy's owner calls for him to come and sit, and he obeys instantly. Then when she commands him to speak, he lets out the sweetest little bark.

Remmy's veterinarian warned that he probably wouldn't survive due to this small size (1.1 pounds at 3 weeks). Unfortunately, they were right, but this 2012 video has 825,000 views and climbing, showing that his short life is making a difference.

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