Cynthia Bailey Reveals Prayer for Real Housewives of Atlanta's Porsha Stewart

Cynthia Bailey has recently revealed her prayer for fellow "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member Porsha Stewart who is undergoing a very public divorce.

Stewart learned on Twitter that her estranged former NFL playing husband Kordell Stewart was divorcing her last March. Months after the news first broke, the 32-year-old reality television star now has a new outlook on love.

Bailey, the model turned modeling agency owner, took to her blog to reveal her thoughts about Porsha rising above the negativity of her divorce.

"..(I) pray that Porsha finds the ministry that I know is inside of her to forgive Kordell, and take the necessary steps to move on with her life in a productive and positive way," she wrote in her Bravo blog. "My heart goes out to Porsha for being blindsided by the news of Kordell filing for divorce, and I think he was wrong not to tell her to her face."

Still, Bailey insisted that it was wrong for Porsha to speak negatively about her estranged husband on their reality television show or in media outlets.

"Two wrongs don't make a right," Bailey wrote. "It's not always easy to take the high road when you are hurting, but in the long run at least you still have your integrity and dignity."

Stewart recently appeared in Vibe Vixen magazine where she spoke about how much her divorce was affecting her. While Stewart said she built a strong foundation in her faith right before getting married at 25-years-old, she admitted that her divorce took a toll on her faith which has since improved.

"I was very spiritual and very much into the church and for me I was just lost after the divorce," Stewart said. "I hadn't really been going to church that much."

Still, Stewart has faith that she will indeed marry again one day.

"I believe it can happen because I'm blessed and I'm highly favored so all I need to do at this moment in time is get myself in a position where I feel complete, and then I'll meet someone who can compliment me," she told Vibe Vixen. "It may not be what everyone else thinks it needs to be, but I'll find him."