D.C. Man on Fire (VIDEO): Passersby Take Off Clothes to Help Man Who Set Himself Ablaze at National Mall

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Twitter/Justin SinkMy mom was near the guy who lit himself on fire on the Mall. Says these guys put it out with their shirts

A man has set himself on fire at the National Mall in Washington D.C. on Friday.

The incident took place at 4:24 p.m. ET and involved an unidentified man, who had set himself on fire. Passersby, seeing the man engulfed in flames ripped off their shirts to try and extinguish it.

The flames were finally extinguished and the victim was later flown by helicopter to Washington Medical Center where he is currently suffering from life threatening injuries.

The incident took place near the National Air and Space Museum, on Seventh Street Southwest.

According to several witness reports, the man poured gasoline on himself from a red canister before setting himself on fire. The red container, believed to have been used by the man, has been found near the scene.

Adam Stifel, who witnessed the incident, told CNN: "I saw a man sitting in flames. He had already doused himself in gasoline, I believe."

Up to six passersby are believed to have taken off their shirts to help pat out the fire.

It is not known why the man set himself ablaze, but it is believed that it could have been a demonstration of sorts, as he chose to douse himself at the iconic National Mall.

Today's incident happened one day after a woman was shot dead by law enforcement officers after attempting to ram into a barricade near the White House.