Dad Charged After Strapping Kids to Hood of Car for Drunken Joy-Ride

Aaron Stefanski has been charged with four felony convictions after strapping four children to the hood of his car and driving around the neighborhood. Stefanski told police he thought the kids would enjoy the ride, but he now faces serious time in prison for the endangerment.

He pleaded guilty to all charges in an Indiana court yesterday, after being arrested for child endangerment. Neighbors said they spotted Stefanski and Jessica Clark using two straps to secure their four children to the hood of Stefanski's car. The couple then drove through the neighborhood, and neighbors called the police.

"I was only going to drive around the corner," Stefanski told police, according to court documents. "I thought they would like it."

Police testified that they smelled alcohol on Stefanski's breath, leading them to conduct a Breathalyzer test. His blood-alcohol level was .17 percent, more than double the legal limit. Stefanski was immediately taken into custody, and the children were released to the care of their mother.

He faces charges of criminal recklessness, child restraint infractions, and driving without insurance. It is not known what Clark has been charged with, though they are likely identical charges to Stefanski, who chose to plead guilty to all charges. Under a plea agreement, Stefanski could serve anywhere from six months to 12 years in prison.

He will learn his fate on Aug. 3, when he goes before a judge. Until then, he will only be able to see his children with supervised visitation and must complete parenting classes. Stefanski will also be required to submit to alcohol and psychological evaluations.

The children's mother, known only as Sarah, told INC Now that she was "livid and in shock. If I knew their father was going to do this, I never would've let them go with him."