Dad Surprised by Puppy, Reacts Like A Little Boy (VIDEO)

There is nothing like the excitement of a young kid's face after receiving a puppy for Christmas, but one father is putting up some serious competition.

Phillip Michaels and his mother decided to celebrate Christmas this year by spreading around a little joy. The mother-son duo got together and decided to get Phillip's father a puppy after being forced to let go of their previous pet.

"We had a Maltese for about 15 years and he was beginning to get up there in age and had to one dreadful day, put him down," Phillip wrote on a YouTube caption. "My father was heart broken."

Both mother and son decided that the father would need time to mourn the loss. After a while, Philip's father came home a showed him a picture of a dog he had seen in the city and Philip decided that it was time.

"So after about 6 months and Christmas only being a few weeks away, my mother and I decided to go looking for a new puppy," Philip wrote. "We had told my father that we were going food shopping and went off to where we had picked out our previous little puppy 15 years earlier."

The puppy was awaiting his new master in the back of the car when Philip's mother told the father to go outside and help bring in groceries. Angered at first about helping out and finding his son playing on the phone in the front seat, the father opened the back door to find the food but instead "found a new best friend" Philips said.

All the while Phillip was using his phone to film the moment. The video was later uploaded to YouTube where it became a quick hit due to the father's "little-boy-like" reaction. Although it was only uploaded two days ago, the video has already gotten almost 500,000 hits.