Daddy Yankee Rumors Slammed: He's Not Gay, Says Rep

'There is Only One Truth,' Reggaeton Artist Responds

Daddy Yankee rumors about the reggaeton artist's sexuality have mounted, forcing his team to deny the reports outright. The speculation about Daddy Yankee's sexuality came after a photo was posted on the internet of two men together- one of them very much resembles the Puerto Rican rapper.

The Daddy Yankee rumors spread quickly once the picture was released, with many news outlets reporting that the rapper, born Ramon Ayala, had announced his homosexuality. Various blogs and tabloids even reprinted an alleged statement from the singer asking for privacy.

"I am a human being like any other, with virtues and defects, and I don't believe that [homosexuality] is a defect," the false statement read.

However, Daddy Yankee's manager claimed that the rumors were false and defamatory.

"Once again social networks are the protagonists in speading false news, which have been replicated by other media involving a public figure," Helga Garcia, president of Perfect Partners Public Relations, told the Huffington Post. "The story that is circulating about Daddy Yankee's homosexuality declaration is a false story written by an Internet portal as many others, dedicated to fabricate and disseminate new through social networks."

His personal representative, Mayna Nevarez, also said in a statement that the rumors were "false," and just last month, Daddy Yankee himself addressed his fans personally on Twitter.

"They've killed me, they've defamed me and they will continue to invent s--- about me online, but there is only one truth," he posted on the microblogging site.

This isn't the first time he's tackled false rumors about his sexuality, though. Just last month, he held a press conference to dispute the claims.

"Now, again to your ignorant ones: the Internet is where the lies become truth and truth becomes myth. Wake up, bobo!" the 36-year-old rapper previously said. He also said that he has homosexuals working for him, and that both the government and religious figures should come together in deciding about gay marriage.