Dairy Queen Employee Goes Above-and-Beyond for Blind Customer

A Dairy Queen employee known only as Joey is being hailed as a hero after handling a delicate situation with grace and going above and beyond the call of duty. Joey has not come forward to acknowledge the situation, but his story is going viral and bringing a smile to faces across the nation.

According to an eyewitness, Joey was working behind the counter when a blind customer dropped a $20 bill. A woman standing next to him picked up the bill and did not return it to the man, who didn't realize that he had even dropped the money. That's when Joey snapped into action.

"Before I could say something to her your employee stepped in," the eyewitness, who wrote the letter to the Dairy Queen Corporation noted. "He politely asked her to give the $20 bill back to the young man who was blind. She told your employee that it was her money and she dropped it. Your employee asked her again to return the money to its rightful owner. She declined to do so. He then asked her to leave the store as he would not serve some [sic] as disrespectful as her."

The woman apparently then yelled at Joey and finally left with the money. Joey again went beyond the call of duty and apologized to other employees for the scene. He then went to where the blind customer was sitting and took $20 out of his own pocket and gave it to the customer, offering an apology on behalf of Dairy Queen.

"I was in shock by the generosity that your employee had, taking his own money out of his own wallet to give to the customer because some other lady decided to steal something that wasn't hers. As I was leaving I went up and asked for your employee's name, he told me that his name was Joey. So from a customer of your store and a customer of DQ I would proudly like to say that Joey has forever sealed my fate as a life long customer… Thank you for outstanding customer service and for and [sic] even better experience," the eyewitness concluded.

The letter was posted to Redditt, where readers immediately picked up on Joey's good deed and extraordinary service. It's unknown what has happened since the encounter, or who this Joey actually is, but the story has warmed hearts and encouraged people that there are still Good Samaritans in the world.