Daleste, Brazilian Rapper, Shot and Killed at Concert: 'Bloodstains' Left on Stage (VIDEO)

Daleste, a Brazilian rapper born Daniel Pellegrine, was shot and killed on stage while performing at a Sao Paulo concert Saturday. The 20-year-old funk and hip-hop artist was in the middle of a performance when two shots rang out, knocking him down. He later succumbed to his injuries in the hospital.

Daleste's death was captured in a graphic video by concertgoers, who seemingly didn't understand at first that shots were fired, according to R7 News. Pellegrine was in the San Martin neighborhood of Campinas— an area notorious for its high crime level.

"We heard a noise; we thought it was a firecracker," an eyewitness told "Good Morning Brazil." "The show continued normally. Then, there was another noise— that's when he fell with his hand on his stomach."

The video shows MC Daleste holding his stomach, which was bleeding. Once audience members saw the blood, they began scattering, fearing the shooter might shoot again.

"On stage ... there's bloodstains," the witness continued. "Right from the moment he was shot and fell to the floor. It gives the impression that at least two shots were fired. And from this side, it can be seen exactly from where the bullets came."

"Then everybody ran, screaming 'They hit Daleste! They killed Daleste! Someone's shooting! Someone's shooting!'" the spectator added.

Pellegrine was taken to a local hospital, but died from his injuries early Sunday morning. Although police are investigating the incident and video, no suspects have been named, and no arrests have been made.

The young rapper was buried Monday at Vila Formos cemetery, Diario do Grande ABC reported. Though MC Daleste didn't have a large U.S. following, he had many fans in Brazil, who posted their condolences online. His memorial page has almost 100,000 likes.

To see the graphic video of the shooting, click below (WARNING: Graphic content and violence may be unsuitable for some readers).