Dallas Abortion Facilities Close after 18 Years of Prayer

In what pro-life advocates have described as nothing other than the miraculous work of God, a series of abortion clinics throughout Dallas have closed down after a prominent bishop began leading prayers for their closure 18 years ago.

Since Bishop Charles Grahmann of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas first began leading his monthly prayer vigils outside the doors of abortion clinics over a decade ago, seven of the 13 abortion clinics in Dallas have closed, including, most recently, the only late term abortion clinic that deprived life to babies over 3 months old.

Karen Garnett, executive director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee, described the closure of the abortion clinics as the fruitful result of their nearly two decades of tears and prayers.

"We thank God for the many lives that will be saved and mothers and fathers spared the agony and regret of abortion," she said in a statement.

"Not only is this a victory for the pro-life movement, for mothers and for babies, but it is a victory for Dallas as well, as the horrific practice of the killing of unborn children will take place at one less location in our city," she added.

While claiming victory, however, Garnett emphasized that it was up to Christians and pro-life minded people everywhere to continue praying that the scourge of abortion could be completely wiped out and the rights of the unborn protected.

"We mourn the tremendous loss of so many thousands of innocent human lives, and we'll continue to pray and work towards the day when Dallas is an abortion-free city and the blood of innocent unborn children is no longer shed here," she said.