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Dallas Cowboys NFL Trade Rumors 2016: Is It Dallas For Johnny Manziel?

Dallas Cowboys NFL Trade Rumors 2016: Is It Dallas For Johnny Manziel?

Johnny Manziel just couldn't avoid off-field issues this season. | REUTERS

The Cleveland Browns saw themselves exit the playoffs early, having another shortened season in the NFL. With general manager Ray Farmer and head coach Mike Pettine both parting ways with the team, it certainly looks like the team is trying to head to another direction.

With all the movement going on right now, it shouldn't be surprising for the Browns to let go of embattled and troubled second-year quarterback Johnny Manziel. As a matter of fact, multiple sources revealed that he may be shipped to the Dallas Cowboys, a team that surprisingly wants him at this point when off-field troubles keep piling up.

Manziel didn't play in the Browns' 28-12 loss to the Steelers after being diagnosed with a concussion. However, he was later seen in a Las Vegas club even if that was disallowed at a time when a player is under the concussion protocol. But before that, he also was involved in a roadside incident involving his girlfriend, not to mention a video that surfaced showing him attending a party during bye week. Those series of events led to the coaching staff deciding to demote him to the third string quarterback.

Reports about the Cowboys having an interest in Manziel may have been brought by the admission of its owner, Jerry Jones, that he came very close to drafting the Texas A&M star back in 2014. However, the ownership passed on him since they were still hoping Tony Romo will lead the team. As a result, they eventually drafted Zach Martin.

The problem is should they really be interested in Manziel, what can they provide in exchange for him? Dallas has been a formidable team over the years, but they don't look like a team that can offer an irresistible piece to the Browns or any other team just to get Manziel.

Wherever this trade talk goes, one thing is for sure — a lot of teams will be more than willing to pursue Manziel because of his potential.


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