'Dallas' TV Series Opens to Rave Reviews: More Revivals to Follow?

Audiences were taken back to Southfork Ranch in a two-night season premiere on TNT. "Dallas," one of the most iconic series of the '80s, returned to TV this week in a much-anticipated continuation of the trials and tribulations of the Ewing family. Fans were very vocal in their excitement for the revival and praised the new cast for their performance.

"Dallas" was a popular series in the1980s, and became a part of TV history for its over-the-top drama and fashion. When it was announced that the series would be revived, fans were initially skeptical that a new cast could carry on the legacy left by such stars as Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray.

Fortunately, all three stars returned with the revival, along with younger actors Jesse Metcalf, Josh Henderson, and Jordana Brewster. The series has already been labeled a "hit" by fans eager to see where their favorites are now.

"Found a new addiction in 'Dallas' to cure my Wednesday night summer time blues!" tweeted Jenn.

"How great is 'Dallas'?" asked Carolyn Hinsey. "All they need is a flashback of Jock and Miss Ellie at the Cattle Baron's Ball and we're home."

Even celebrities got in on the excitement. Katie Couric posted a picture of her with Larry Hagman on her Twitter page. Josh Henderson, one of the leads in the new series, tweeted before the series in order to generate buzz and attract viewers.

"It was good, fabulous, great, an Emmy-winner, all the good adjectives!" tweeted Diva Fabulous.

"The new 'Dallas' is just terrific," wrote critic Daniel P. Finney. "TNT put together a winner by bringing back enough of the original cast…and mixing them with a dynamo of young cast members."

The series' return has led many to wonder if this is a new trend. Will "Dynasty," the rival to "Dallas" return? What about other soap operas such as "Knot's Landing" or "St. Elsewhere"?

"Dallas" airs Wednesday nights on TNT.