Dallas Zoo Gorilla Scares Annoying Kids: 'Gorilla 1 - Kids 0' (VIDEO)

Dallas Zoo Gorilla Scares Annoying Kids: 'Gorilla 1 - Kids 0' (VIDEO)

A Dallas Zoo gorilla was being taunted by a group of children recently when he decided to take matters into his own hands. He scared them quite handily, and many who have viewed the viral video found the ape's stunt hilarious.

The Dallas Zoo gorilla was lazily sitting by the glass, possibly attracted to the spot because of the intense activity of the exhibit's visitors. Posted by the glass with camera-phones in hand recording were a group of young children all screaming loudly, trying to evoke some sort of emotion or action from the listless ape.

"You walk away! You walk away!" one child yelled.

"King Kong! Hey King Kong!" another said excitedly. Others, like the poster of the video, were recording and waiting for something to happen.

It seems it wasn't long before the gorilla had had enough of simply sitting there. In one swift motion, he lunged at the children and growled loudly, pressing his hands and face up on the protective glass. The children must have forgotten the glass was there as they flew back in fright. The adults laughed knowingly, and the video has hundreds of thousands of hits in only a few days.

"Gorilla 1 - kids 0," a user wrote underneath the YouTube video.

The video is reminiscent of another incident at an Australia Zoo. The silverback gorilla, Motaba, was behind the glass wall of the zoo when he decided to invade the picture of two young girls, Ella O'Brien, 6, and her sister Bridget, 4.

Remembering that apes have an affinity for bananas, the girls held up their fruit, which attracted the attention of Motaba, the 350-pound western lowland silverback gorilla. The photo snapped shows the 29-year-old ape with his tongue pressed against the glass, apparently eager for a banana.

"It would appear that this gorilla is simply bananas for bananas!" Rex USA wrote underneath their widespread picture. "Motaba the gorilla was sent into a frenzy at the Werribee Open Range Zoo … after she spotted two young visitors with her favorite snack."


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