Dancing With the Stars: Chaz Bono Ridiculed by Joan Rivers and Tweeters

Notoriously opinionated talk show host Joan Rivers has poked fun at this season’s cast member Chaz Bono of “Dancing with the Stars” via Twitter.

The brash 78-year-old also jabbed “X Factor” television host Steve Cowell in the mocking tweet.

“BREAKING NEWS: Simon Cowell is producing a new TV talent show starring Chaz Bono called “The XY Chromosome Factor,” wrote Rivers on her Twitter account.

The post received over 100 retweets by Twitter users and spurred many responses.

“OMG I FEEL BAD FOR CHAZ,” wrote Twitter user Glen in response to Rivers’ joke.

Other people have posted jokes about the “Dancing with the Star” contestant, poking fun at his weight and performance on the show. In lieu of the satellite debris warnings, Paul wrote on Twitter: “They say the biggest piece of the satellite to survive will be about the size of Chaz Bono. Now I am worried.”

Mary Jo responded to the snub, posting, “I’m rooting for Chaz! He’s sweet, & I want to see him do well & show up to the prejudicial morons who are all ‘omg family show.’”

Chaz Bono’s inclusion of this season’s “DWTS” cast has created media uproar. The only child of Sonny and Cher, Chaz was born a female named Chastity. Last year, he legally changed his name and gender.

The public questioned whether Bono would dance on the show as a woman or a man, and his pairing with professional dancer Lacie Schwimmer sparked a debate over traditional male/female dancing teams.

“Dancing is a very gender-specific sport, especially in the realm of professional ballroom dancing,” Sarah Shanholtzer Panek told The Christian Post.

Panek, a professional dance instructor at the Center of Performing Arts near Pheonix, Arizona, continued: “It is tradition in the art of ballroom dancing to have male and female partnerships, regardless of an individual’s sexual preference. It is understood that one dances the role that they are assigned.”

“DWTS” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.