Dancing With the Stars Preview: Premiere Tonight (VIDEO)

"Dancing With the Stars" will premiere tonight, in it's 14th season on ABC. Will the cast's star personalities be enough to distract enough from the fact that some of the celebrities cast are lacking in status?

The next season of "Dancing With the Stars" will air tonight with many wondering how the new cast has settled in. For it's 14th season, the dance competition show will feature Gladys Knight, Jack Wagner, Martina Navratilova and Jaleel White. Other less popular names include opera singer Katherine Jenkins, Latin actor William Levy, and Roshon Fegan of Disney's "Shake It Up!"

As of late, the new contestants have been busy practicing for their Monday night debut. So far the singers of the competition have reported difficulties in adjusting from a mike to dancing shoes. "I'm having panic," singer Katherine Jenkins tol ABC. "I am a classical singer. I make albums and do sort of classical concerts."

"I feel a little bit, uh, out of my league because I don't have a mic," Knight added.

Despite the equal efforts by all members, so far critics have shown skepticism towards some of the less star quality stars. However senior producer Deena Katz seems unphased. "Everyone just needs to take a beat," she told USA Today. "It doesn't have to be the biggest name. It's who you fall in love with on the show."

Although the show is titled "Dancing With the Stars," Katz stated that the actual star status of contestants was not the key component to the show, suggesting that the show would increase their popularity anyhow. "When J.R. was announced, I had so many people saying to me, 'Who is this? You have to Google him,' " Katz said. "But the idea of the show is that by the end, you're enjoying people you never knew."

The new cast's star status, or lack thereof, will also play little into their dancing abilities. USA Today questioned the lone Disney Star. "There was also the standard Disney Channel unknown to anyone over 14: Roshon Fegan of Shake It Up!" the new site reported, leaving them questioning who? However, even fellow teammates have suggested that Fegan is not to be shrugged off. "We can't underestimate the 20-year-old kid who can do the standing back-flip either," Melissa Gilbert of "Little House on the Prairie" told ABC, referring to Fegan.