Danica Patrick Gets Feisty at Talladega Superspeedway (VIDEO)

Although Joey Logano won by a hair against Kyle Busch at the Nationwide Series race at Talladega Superspeedway on Saturday, fellow racer Danica Patrick has been gaining media traction due to her post-race road rage.

Patrick, 30, apparently intentionally wrecked Sam Hornish Jr. on the cool down lap after the finish line, allegedly getting back at him for cutting her off in the last lap at the Lincoln, Ala., racetrack.

Hornish argued that the last-lap squeeze was not intentional; rather, he was dealing with a flattened tire and accidentally cut Patrick off.

Patrick was initially skeptical of Hornish's claims, emerging from her vehicle after the race with her finger pointed in an angry demeanor.

However, Patrick later tweeted: "Just talked to @SamHornish and we are all good! He told me he had a flat right front which explains both incidences."

NASCAR vice president Robin Pemberton issued a statement to USA Today on May 6 saying that they would speak with the drivers before next weekend's race at Darlington Raceway to ensure no further accidents happen, but they would not be punished as they are known for driving clean.

"They both beat and banged on each other a little bit after the start/finish line. It didn't go unnoticed and we'll talk to them but we don't see anything (else)," Pemberton said, according to AOL Sporting News. "It didn't go unnoticed. Those are two good competitors, clean competitors. We'll just make sure it doesn't go any further."

Usually, NASCAR punishes drivers for "dirty racing," including intentionally crashing another player, by fining or suspending the player.

As Yahoo News reports, NASCAR's lenient reaction to this accident has angered racing fans, who argue the organization is inconsistent in its punishment depending on the fame and worthiness of the player involved.

Aside from the Patrick/Hornish drama, Saturday's race proved suspenseful, with Joey Logano nipping Kyle Busch at the finish line, making this race Toyota's 200th win in NASCAR.

YouTube via ABC News
Danica Patrick intentionally crashes Sam Hornish Jr. at Talladega Superspeedway.